Egg Roll Or Tea? – 15 Sachets with 10 Egg Roll 蛋卷或茶?禮盒

“茶一直是中國文化的重要組成部分,分享美味佳餚,喝茶的故事和冒險歷來是人們鍾愛的傳統。Or Tea?™現在與甄沾記(Yan Chim Kee)合作 推出全新的Egg Roll or Tea?™禮物套裝。

蛋捲還是茶? 包含…



Tea has always been a significant part of the Chinese culture, sharing delicious food, stories and adventures over a cup of tea have been a long and loved tradition. Or Tea?™ is now teaming up with Yan Chim Kee (甄沾記) to create the brand new Egg Roll Or Tea?™ gift set for you and your loved one.

Egg Roll Or Tea? contains…
5 sachets of African Affairs (Rooibos Tea)
5 sachets of Duke’s Blues (Black Tea)
5 sachets of Dragon Jasmine Green (Green Tea)
10 pcs of Coconut Dew Egg Roll

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Tea Materual Manufactured in Germany


African Affairs:博士茶,葡萄,松露調味料,可可仁
Duke’s Blues:紅茶*,矢車菊*(2%),佛手柑調味料,檸檬調味料
Dragon Jasmine Green:茉莉花茶*(綠茶*,茉莉花花瓣*)
Cocount Dew Egg Roll:小麥粉,糖,椰棕糖,椰子奶油,人造牛油,雞蛋,植物油,水,鹽,乳化劑(E471,E322),香料,抗氧化劑(E320,E321),顏色(E160a),提煉 代理(E341(i),E500),固化劑(E521)



African Affairs: Rooibos, Grapes, Truffle Flavouring, Cocoa Kernels
Duke’s Blues: Black Tea*, Cornflower* (2%), Bergamot flavouring, Lemon Flavouring
Dragon Jasmine Green: Jasmine Tea* (Green Tea*, Jasmine Petal*)
Coconut Dew Egg Roll: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Coconut Palm Sugar, Coconut Cream, Margarine, Egg, Vegetable Oil, Water, Salt, Emulsfier (E471,E322), Spice, Antioxidant (E320,E321), Colour (E160a), Raising Agent (E341(i),E500), Firming Agent (E521)


At Or Tea?™, we present you some most original treats from around the world, finding the best combination when the taste and flavour of the chosen food item are nicely complemented.
Or Tea?™ 搜羅了世界各地傳統美食,配上為你精心挑選的特色茗茶,將味道發揮得更淋漓盡致。
At Or Tea?™, we see ourselves as tea missionaries, working with different tea professionals to bring you the best and most unique blends from around the world. By presenting a chic tea drinking habit, our mission is to encourage more people to make this legendary drink their daily choice.
Or Tea?™ 作為「茶葉推廣員」,透過與不同的茶葉專家合作,為你帶來世界各地品質最好、風味最獨特的茶葉。我們致力推廣一種喝茶潮流,從而鼓勵更多人選擇這種傳奇飲料。
Or Tea?™ 將傳統茗茶文化與現代藝術融合,致力推廣健康茗茶文化,將茶昇華成傳奇飲品。Or Tea?™ 以香港為基地推廣現代茗茶文化,進一步向全球顧客介紹別具特色的優質茗茶,已生活概念品牌作切入點,成功打入全球多個國家,當中包括荷蘭,比利時,德國,法國,西班牙,意大利,日本,泰國以中東等。